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Showdown Tournament



This platform has been developed to evaluate national and international showdown tournaments online. Since this sport is mainly practised by visually impaired athletes, great care is taken to ensure that everything on this platform can also be used by this group of people.

Basic information about the tournament performance

Tournament forms
This platform can be used for three tournament forms.
- A tournament form in which no specific genders are evaluated. Thus, mixed or only men or only ladies can be evaluated.
- A tournament form in which ladies and gentlemen are evaluated in parallel.
- A tournament form that evaluates both women, men and teams in parallel.

Tournament performance
Since the start and end time of a tournament is entered, a tournament can be set up from just one day to near infinity.

The duration of a match can be set from 1 minute to X.
It can be set for a tournament from 1 table to X.

- 1 winning set
- 2 winning sets
- Best of 3 , 2 - 3 sets
- Best of 5 , 3 - 5 sets
The system automatically detects which match form it is.
The win of a match is rated with one (1) point

The tournament can be set to include player scoring data in a group. So all players have to play against each other again. Thus a round and return round.

It is also possible for players to take their scoring data into a group. If there are at least two players from the same group in this group, their matches will not be repeated.

Each group can be set to be used for the final placement of the tournament.

Evaluation of the groups according to IBSA rules
The following key is created to rank each group. if one criterion is matched in the case of several players, the next criterion used. If a criterion is applied, the following criteria are not taken into account further.
. Number of games won
. The direct comparison
. The larger specialized rate difference
. The larger specialized game point difference
. The larger general rate difference
. The larger overall game point difference

Set up a tournament

Set up a tournament
On the home page there is the link 'Create a new tournament' in the upper navigation area. Clicking on this link will take you to the input mask to enter the basic data of the tournament.
Enter the basic data here:
. Name of the tournament
. Tournament start (DD.MM.YYYY)
. End of tournament (DD.MM.YYYY)
. The person responsible's e-mail address
. Password
. Authentication

The system now checks the information for correctness and possibility. If all information is possible and correct, an input field appears with the prompt to enter a code. This code has been sent to the e-mail address you entered.
If the e-mail address is confirmed by entering the code, the tournament will be created and the 'Tournament Edit' section will appear to further set up the tournament.

1. Menu item 'Tournament Edit'

In this area, the basic settings for the tournament are made.
. Name of the tournament; Each tournament is only available once!
. Start date of the tournament (DD.MM.YYYYY)
. End date of the tournament (DD.MM.YYYYY)
If the start or end time is changed, this change is taken into account in the existing game plan.
. E-mail address of the controller
This e-mail address will only be used to unlock the tournament, "Forgot password" and to delete the tournament. If the e-mail address is changed, the change from the old e-mail address must be confirmed by a code
. Password for the admin area
. Number of gaming tables
. Duration of a match (in minutes)
If the duration of the tournament or the number of gaming tables are changed while the tournament is running, the change applies immediately.
When you create the game plan, the table number increases by "1" after each match is created. When the maximum number of tables is reached, the next match start increases by the match duration and the table starts again at "1".
. Tournament form:
- 1 in 1 tournament; Ladies or gentlemen, mixed or other individual shapes. Gender is not taken into account
- 2 in 1 tournament; Ladies and gentlemen are conducted and evaluated in parallel. If this tournament form is changed to a "1 in 1" tournament form, all tournament participants will be changed as such!
- 3 in 1 tournament; to 2 in 1 form, a team rating group can be created and evaluated in parallel. By clicking on the field and pressing the button, the "3 in 1" tournament form is unlocked. This tournament form can only be unmarked if there are no groups in the tournament for this tournament form!
. Location (optional); The location is printed in the scoresheet
. Public or non-public; by marking the field and confirming over the butt, a underlying password field is released. By unmarking the field and confirming by the butt, the password is deleted again
. User password; A password can be entered in this field to allow the tournament to be viewed from the home page only by entering this password. This password is independent of the admin password!
. Delete tournament; By clicking on the button 'Delete tournament', a security query will appear again as to whether the tournament should really be deleted. If this button is triggered again, an email will be sent to the specified e-mail address. In this e-mail there is a link that can either be clicked directly or copied into the input field of the browser. If this link is executed, the entire tournament with all data will be irrevocably removed from the tournament!

2. Menu item 'Groups Edit'

In this area, the groups are created, edited and deleted. Each group will receive a group number, which will be used to list them in the tournament. The first group with the number '1' cannot be deleted, only renamed.

Create a group
. Number of the group; This number is assigned continuously. To list this group differently, you can change the group number
Name of the group; Here the name of the group is given and may only occur once in the tournament. This name appears in capital letters in the tournament
Indication of the round; Select which round to list this group in
. Choosing which gender to list in this group; Is only possible in tournament form '2 in 1' and '3 in 1'. This selection is listed every time you view this group
Tournament placement; If all or only parts of this group are designated for tournament placement, the best placement that can be reached here is entered here. This allows the entire tournament to be preconfigured.
Example: In this group there are 5 players and the last 3 participants should be rated as 18 to 20 places, then a 16 must be entered here to evaluate the last 3 participants as 18 thin to 20th place. The first two rankings are ranked 16th and 17th and will be overwritten in a later group in the ranking. The tournament placement can be entered manually in the 'Player Edit' section for each participant

Groups of the 1st round can only be deleted if no participant is entered in this group. Groups of the 2nd / 3rd round can be deleted immediately with all data from the tournament via the check box and the button!
Each group can be edited using the 'Edit' link.
When editing, the groups of the 2nd / 3rd round can be changed to a different round at any time. Groups of the 1st round cannot be changed. The gender can be changed to another at any time, where the participants of the 1st round are adjusted accordingly. Only when editing the groups of the 2nd / 3rd round can it be set that their points earned in a previous group can be taken into this group. This possibility is intended for a round and return round and the participants can thus play against each other again, where they take their results into the return round.
Furthermore, only when editing these groups can be set, that participants can take their points and their matches into this group. This means that the participants have to take their results from the previous match into this group, but do not have to play against each other again.
Changes made during editing will have an immediate effect!

Presets for the 2nd round and final round
. The number of presets in each group also determines the number of group participants
. The arrangement of the group participants results after the creation
. placeholders; Placement and group to move to this group
. Clicking on 'DEL' deletes this placeholder and its data

Example: In the 'Semi-final' group, the preset 'Place 2 from Group B' and 'Place 1 from Group A' is set up. The system fills in the placeholders automatically after the last match entry of the groups 'A' and 'B' and the names of the players are displayed! Only after all placeholders of a group are filled in will the group be released for match entry in the 'Game Plan Edit' section! If changes are made later in a group, it is important to check whether the placeholders can also be filled in. If a placeholder cannot be filled in, match entry is not possible in the game plan of this group!

3. Menu item 'Player Edit'

Data of the participants
. In this area, the participants are created. Specified: first name, last name, and optional location. Each first and last name may only appear once in the tournament! The location is displayed in the tournament with the first two letters in parentheses and capital code '(BER)'.
. A player's name displayed here is valid for the entire tournament.
Assignment to a group of the 1st round; The gender is displayed in the tournament form '2 in 1' and '3 in 1'
. If the tournament form '3 in 1' is selected, an input option will appear here to enter the team's name. The team appears in the tournament with the first name 'Team' and the last name 'selected team name'. This option does not require a 'location' designation.
. Manually enter the tournament placement for each tournament form.

Editing Participants
. Players can only be created, deleted or edited in the menu item 'Player Edit'!
. Editing the first name, last name and location is always possible and will be taken over for the entire tournament.
. For a team, the 'Edit' area can change the first name, last name, and location.
. You can only change the group if the participant is not created in a match.
. The deletion of a participant is only possible if the participant has not yet scored points, has not been created in a match or appears as a placeholder in another group.
. The participant will be removed from the entire tournament.
. Creating a new player is only possible if all placeholders are still unoccupied throughout the tournament.
. When a new participant is created in a group, it is always placed at the end of the group.
. After deleting or creating a participant, it is advisable to check the placeholders in the 2nd and 3rd rounds!

4. Menu item 'Results Edit'

This menu item displays all groups and their players in each group. In groups that are led as a 2nd round or final round, the placeholders of the players are to be seen. These placeholders will be automatically replaced with the respective players after entering the last match of this group. The order of the players in each group corresponds to the group ranking.

Schedule and create matches
. If not all possible matches have been created in a group, an input mask will appear under each group to create the matches
. All matches of this group are listed here and can be deleted 'only' here
. 'Delete All Matches'; All matches in this group will be deleted from the schedule and the results will be reset to '0' (zero
. 'All Matches Reset'; All results are reset to '0' (zero) in this group and 0 (zero) in the game plan
. Or, 'Reset all data'; If all the results of this group are 'zero' (0) and the placeholders are filled with players, this group can be reset to the placeholders
. There are three ways to set up a match
Via an automatic, a manual and an upload. For an upload, see 'Tools and Backup'. The automatic creation of all matches in a group starts by entering a start date and a start time. This creation is only used to form all possible game pairings of a group and must be further sorted in the 'Game Plan Edit' section.
The pairings are created as follows:
Time; increases by the default setting when the table number starts again at '1'
. Playing table; automatically increases by the preset and starts again at '1' when the maximum number is reached
Pairings: 'P1-P2, P3-P1, P1-P4, P2-P3, P4-P2, P3-P4, etc.'

Manually create a match
Date of match; Can only be changed if the tournament lasts more than 1 day
Time of a match; Increases by the default when the number of gaming tables starts again at 1
. Playing table; Increases by 1 when the preset is reached, it starts again at '1'
. Rank player 1; The current place in the group
Rank player 2; The current place in the group

In the table of the group, the column 'M' shows the number of matches of each player. The input mask for a match appears until all possible matches of a group are created. The Created Matches are displayed in the table. A pairing can only be deleted if no results are entered in the entire group. The date, time and play plate can be changed later in the 'Game Plan Edit' section. Even swapping 'Player 1 - Player 2' for 'Player 2 - Player 1' of a match can be done in the 'Edit Game Plan' section. After correct input, the match is displayed in the 'Game Plan Edit' area over the date then time then game plate with a game number.
All possible pairings must be created in a group in order to enter the results of the matches in this group in the 'Game Plan Edit' section!

The columns have the following meanings:
Column 'P': Place in this group
Column 'M': Number of matches set up by a player
Column 'Name': player name
Column 'Pkt': Game Points +/-
Column 'C' : In the case of a tie, the winner of the pairing receives a control point
Column 'S/SentenceDiff': Special sentence difference
Column 'S/TorDiff': Special goal difference
Column 'SentenceDiff': General sentence difference | Sentence+ : Set
Column 'TorDiff': General goal difference | Goals+ : Tore

5. Menu item 'Game Plan Edit'

This section contains the entire schedule of the tournament.

The following settings are possible in this area:
Delete the entire game plan; By clicking on the 'Delete' Butten, the entire game plan will be deleted after reconfirmation and all results of the tournament will be set to 'zero' (0). All placeholders that have already been filled in by participants will be reset!
Reset the entire game plan; By clicking on the 'Reset' Butten, the entire game plan is reset after reconfirmation and all results of the tournament are set to 'zero' (0).
. Move multiple matches; .. Multiple matches can be moved together by typing 'from' match number 'to' match number via a new date.
.. Multiple matches can be moved forward (+) or backward (-) by typing 'from' match number 'to' match number.
.. Only open matches in the schedule will be moved
. Any match that has not yet been ranked can be changed by entering: date, time and table.
. After each change in the game plan, the game plan will be renumbered!
. For any match that has not yet been ranked, player 1 and player 2 can be swapped.
. Each ranked match can be reset individually via the button; The rating is also evaluated in the group. The groups are always in the right result.
.. Take Points / Match With you: If results have already been transferred to a follow-up group, this change will be included in the follow-up group.
. After correct input, the system automatically recognizes the rate rating.
. Unused sentence inputs can be left blank
Special entry: The result of a match of '11:11 and 11:11' counts both players as set losers and scores both 'zero' (0).
. Clicking on the match number will display a button to print out the score sheet belonging to the match

Care must be taken to ensure that the results are entered correctly, as it has a big impact on the rest of the tournament!
Sharing for entering matches is only possible:
. All pairings of a group must be created
. All placeholders in a group must be filled in by players

6. Menu item 'Tools & Save'

In this area there are 4 menu items for backing up or printing the game plans.

Download Backup
. Clicking on this menu item creates a file in .doc format
.. This file can be opened via a button in a program that can display .doc files.
.. Or, can be saved via this button.
. This file lists all the data of the game plan.

Download schedule
. A selection mask appears above this menu item. Here you can choose which group and which game day to create in a .doc file.
.. This file can be opened via a button in a program that can display .doc files.
.. Or, can be saved via this button.
. In this file, match number, date, game time, game table, group and pairing are selection of the game plan.

Download test.csv
. Clicking on this menu item creates the test.csv file
.. This file can be opened via a button in a program that can display .csv files.
.. Or, can be saved via this button.
. This file contains an example of what data a game plan can be used to enter into the tournament program.
. The following data is mandatory!:
. Date of match
. Time of the match
. Number of the gaming room
. Number of the group of mating
. Group placement Player 1
. Group placement Player 2
. Individual number; Can be used to list the match number
. Each record 'must' end with a ';' !!!

Upload schedule
. By clicking on this menu item, a file upload mask appears.
The following files can be uploaded: .txt or .csv files.
. After fully setting up the groups, the entire game plan can be uploaded via this route.
.. The following data is mandatory!:
. Date of match
. Time of the match
. Number of the gaming room
. Group No. of the pairing
. Group placement Player 1
. Group placement Player 2
. Individual number; Can be used to list the match number
. Each record 'must' end with a ';' !!!

Reading the records
. Each record is checked for accuracy
. If a faulty record is detected, processing is interrupted!
. Records that are not yet entered in the tournament will be entered.
. Records in which a pairing already exists in a group are changed accordingly.
. The number of successful records is displayed.



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